Bonsa is a family run supermarket business, set up by young, energetic individuals bringing our unique skills together to create an attractive shopping experience for local consumers of Bulawayo and welcomed national and international passers-by.

We have been in the supermarket business for the last 40 years, where our fathers have passed on their passion, experiences and knowledge to the current generation who have been managing the business operation for the last 20 years and have grown the businesses from 2 branches to 6 companies and 7 operating branches.

We are a resilient team passionate about growing the business and taking it on to greater heights.

Bonsa SPAR Hillside is our leading store within the Bonsa brand portfolio.
The other entities within the Bonsa brand are Bonsa Casablanca, Bonsa Deli and Bonsa Liq-o-rama which have since been consolidated to form one bigger and better store allowing a ‘One Stop’ Shoppingexperience for our customers.

Bonsa SPAR trades in the medium to upper market and has a diversified departmental and product range.

Mission Statement

“To be the leading supermarket retailer in Bulawayo servicing our niche consumer market by providing them with a “WOW” (Welcome to Our World) shopping experience”

The following events have evolved to build the current Bonsa brand:

  • 1979 – Opened 6th Avenue branch
  • 1985 – Opened Paddonhurst branch
  • 1987 – Purchased Bonsa Casablanca (Hillside)
  • 1991 – Sold Paddonhurst branch
  • 1992 – Expanded Bonsa Casablanca
  • 1996 – Sold 6th Avenue Branch
  • 1997 – Opened Bonsa SPAR (Hillside)
  • 1998 – Sold Bonsa Casablanca and HillsideSPAR to Nigel Sly and Himashu Parshotam
  • 2009 – Bought back Bonsa Casablanca after take over from Innscor
  • 2011 – Bought back BonsaSPAR (Hillside) after take over from Innscor
  • 2012 – Have taken over the Lucky 7 Supermarket in the Hillside Shopping Complex and opened Bonsa Liq-o-rama (an Upmarket Liquor outlet)
  • 2012 – Have taken over the Quick Save Supermarket in the Hillside Shopping Complex and opened Bonsa Deli (an Upmarket Butchery and Deli outlet)
  • 2013 – BonsaSPAR Parklands opened on Friday, 15th March 2013 in the newly built ZESA Pension Fund Shopping Complex in Parklands – this was envisioned to become the flagshipSPAR store within the Bulawayo region. The business was sold to OK Zimbabwe in December 2013.
  • 2014 – Consolidated Bonsa Casablanca, Bonsa Liq-o-rama, Bonsa Deli and BonsaSPAR into one Company (Tallaville Marketing)
  • 2014 – In February, BonsaSPAR Hillside underwent a facelift
  • 2015 – In November the three separate stores were renovated to form one big consolidated store for a ‘One Stop’ Shopping experience.
  • 2016 – In July, a distinctive Butchery service was fully operational. We opened an instore Butchery to compliment all our other instore service departments.